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What Are The Best Sustainable Travel Destinations For 2020?

Earth Day may be a few months from now but the interest in sustainable travel is at its peak, according to a study by

According to the company’s 2019 Sustainable Travel Report

“Almost three quarters, i.e. 73% of travellers worldwide intend to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation in the year ahead. Besides, almost 72% of travellers worldwide believe that people need to act now to make sustainable travel choices.”   Continue reading “What Are The Best Sustainable Travel Destinations For 2020?” »

Four Vacation Destinations For Cold Weather Months

While there are a few people who enjoy winter, many prefer to avoid the season altogether by going on vacation. This way, you don’t have to deal with the snow, ice, and bitter cold, especially if you live in the north. However, figuring out the perfect vacation destination can be a challenge, since each country and location has their own climate and weather patterns. Just because it’s cold where you are doesn’t mean it will be warmer across the Pacific Ocean. Instead, the ideal solution is to head near the equator, where these four vacation destinations for cold weather months will be waiting. Continue reading “Four Vacation Destinations For Cold Weather Months” »

How to Turn a Camper into an Off-Grid Oasis

If you love traveling and being alone in the wilderness, having a camper can surely be an advantage. However, you would have to prepare it for the long drive ahead. Here are some of the best steps that you can have if you want to ensure the usefulness of your camper outdoors. Continue reading “How to Turn a Camper into an Off-Grid Oasis” »

Your Dream Vacation in the Great Outdoors

Summertime gives everyone a chance to reconnect with those they love. It offers a chance to get the kids out of school and possibly a few days away from work. But few people take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities summertime has to offer: camping trips. Camping gives everyone the chance to come together for an adventure and see the world, plus you can go camping on a very low budget. Camping also gives you a chance to escape the hustle of the busy world and take a few silent days; this is an opportunity other types of trips don’t wholly offer. There are also quite a few options for campers that they don’t even know are available to them.

Continue reading “Your Dream Vacation in the Great Outdoors” »

Vegas Fashion 101: Tips on How to Properly Dress For Your Las Vegas Trip

So you are FINALLY going to Vegas… that infamous place that you’ve seen on TV and in movies where people have gotten married and have also had some of the craziest nights. When you were watching some of these movies or television shows that showcased Vegas, did you ever pay attention to what the characters were wearing in their Las Vegas encounters? You probably noticed what they were wearing but didn’t analyze why they wore what they wore. Continue reading “Vegas Fashion 101: Tips on How to Properly Dress For Your Las Vegas Trip” »