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Getting Out and About this Winter

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. So why should we bother trying to go out in it? While you may be tempted to curl up with a blanket and wait for warmer days, it’s important to get outside and take in some fresh air. Not only for your physical health but your mental health, too. Here are some easy tips to get yourself out and about this winter.

Get Prepared 

Before you go out into the elements you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. You won’t enjoy the fresh air if you’re absolutely freezing. Women’s thermals are an easy and comfortable way of keeping yourself warm. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got your extremities covered as you can lose a lot of heat from them. Get yourself some thick socks, cosy gloves and a hat. Just because you’re being practical, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. 

Go for a Walk 

You might think walking through the countryside at this time of year would be a bit drab, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. A walk during winter is one of the most refreshing things you can do. You’re wrapped up warm, the paths will be quieter, and it offers you time to reflect and relax. Use this time outside a moment to appreciate your surroundings. The National Trust has a selection of their favourite wintery walks for all areas across the country. 

Couch to 5k

Have you always wanted to try to get yourself fit, but have no idea where to start? Couch to 5k could be for you. It’s an app which slowly increases your stamina, building from brisk walks to longer and longer running times. The app has grown in popularity across the UK this year. Couch to 5k can be the motivation you need to get yourself outside and moving. When you start running in winter, it’s important you warm-up beforehand and dress appropriately. 

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Mental Health 

If you find yourself struggling this winter season, you are not alone. This year is an especially difficult time, so remember to be kind to yourself. You can make friends with the cold, dark, days. Going outside – even briefly – can really make such a difference to your mood. 

There are lots of ways you can get out and about this winter. From a bracing country walk, to simply stepping outside for some fresh air. Dress warm and take care of yourself. What have you been doing this winter?

Wild Florida: Beyond the Theme Parks

When we think Florida vacation the natural first thought is the theme parks, and why not? The state has some of the finest in the world. But if you choose to look beyond the over-priced food, the crowds, queues, and artificial thrills then you will see that Florida is a state with so much more to offer. Let’s look at the alternative options, as it would be a real opportunity missed to travel all that way and not explore a little.

Walking Trails

There is a great variety of walks in Florida.  The jewel in the crown, and not for the faint of heart, is certainly the legendary, Florida Trail. The Florida Trail is a 1,300-mile hike taking in a variety of terrain, but most notably much of it near, or on, marsh-land, often flooding and containing wildlife such as bears, panthers, alligators, and snakes. But for the more recreational walker, Florida also has a good list of woodland walks, beaches, parks, and other such options.

Water-Sports & Sea Activities

With so much coastline, areas such as The Florida Keys offer a variety of options when it comes to enjoying the water. You can dive, snorkel, swim fish, and take boat trips. You could easily spend the whole vacation just on these activities! As one of our most Southerly states these activities can, pretty much, be enjoyed all year round.


There is no shortage of beaches in this fine state, with the Florida Department of State boasting over 660 miles of beach lining the coast. You can take in the ultra-popular and busy spots, such as Miami Beach, or look to more rural and tranquil beaches like Cayo Costa State Park, on Pine Island. It’s even becoming popular to have Florida Beach Weddings as the weather is generally good and the coast is so beautiful it’s an excellent choice for anyone’s big day.

Hills & Mountains

Bit of a cheeky section here, there are no real Florida mountains, do not get confused with, ‘The Florida Mountains’ which are, in fact, in New Mexico. The hilliest region is the Northern Florida Highlands, with the highest peak being Britton Hill coming in at a less than lofty 345 feet. But just because they don’t have height doesn’t mean there is not beauty and adventure to be had. Located in the relaxing and scenic Lakewood Park it can provide a restful day away from the more high-octane Floridian tourist experiences.


Florida is famous for its wildlife, and none more so than its gators, the abundance of marsh and swamp-land makes it a perfect habitat, and there is no shortage of parks and reserves to see these fine creatures, as well as a variety of guided tours that take you right out into the thick of it. But the wildlife doesn’t stop with the gators, you’ve got bears, panthers, beavers, and more; and for marine life, there’s sharks and dolphins in abundance too, with the possibility of the classic swimming with the dolphins experience.

How to Survive Going to College Away From Home

College can lead to life-changing events and memories – you’ll be gearing and arming yourself with the knowledge and training required to pursue your dreams and career of choice. And sometimes, it’s college that will bring you to lasting friendships, forming meaningful connections, and even finding your calling in life. However, part of going to college is moving away from home, especially if you have to stay in a dorm or a new home to pursue your studies. And while you only have to be away for a few years, college can become extremely scary if you know you’re going to be alone for a couple of years, with family only reachable through social media or other means of communication. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t survive your college experience. Thing is, how exactly can you survive going to college?

  • Hire professionals so you can focus more on your family. Moving to your dormitory or apartment can be difficult, and it can take time on your end to settle in because of things to unpack. However, hiring long distance movers can help you speed up the process, as they can help you with the heavy-lifting and the manual labor such as transporting your things and helping you unpack. As such, you can use much of the time you have before college with your family. 
  • Visit the campus and tour the dormitory early on. You can get the feeling of homesickness quite quickly especially if you’re looking at your dormitory for the first time, and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly if you haven’t conditioned yourself for things to happen. In order to avoid that, you and your family can visit your campus and the place you’re staying very early on. That way, you can slowly acquaint yourself with the many things you can visit and experience without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Find like-minded people or join an organization. A lot of organizations in schools make themselves known early on even before the school year. If you’re looking forward to join a club or an organization, try to research them early on so you can reach out to them as soon as school starts. Sometimes, knowing there are people with similar interests can really help adjustments to university become much easier to deal with.
  • Make time for calls and messages with your family. If you know you and your family will miss each other quickly, you should make time for calls and messages to them. You can assign an hour or two every weekend to talk with them and update them what’s going on with you and your school so you can feel a semblance of home, even for a while, before you continue studying or doing your schoolwork. 
  • Let your family become a part of the adjustment phase. Perhaps most important, don’t forget to include your family in the adjusting period that you have when you go to college. For instance, you can let your parents make their last act before letting you become fully independent by calling moving companies Manhattan, or helping you pack your things. They may even accompany you to your new dormitory just to help you settle in, and for both you and them to know that everything will be alright. 

Survive College: Make Your Home Away From Home

Just because you’re moving to a dorm or a new place near your university doesn’t mean you need to lose a sense of “belongingness.” And just because your family is far away from you while you’re studying for college doesn’t mean you can’t get close to them anymore. Thanks to the above tips, you may find better ways of adjusting to college life while at the same time making the most out of your new experience. Remember, just because you’re going to college doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Most of the time, it’s about finding the right way of adjusting to things in order to maximize your opportunities.

5 Tricks to Make Your Swimwear Last Longer

Australia is known for its famous beaches like Bondi Beach, Surfer’s Paradise, Mandalay Beach, and more. The Land Down Under, which is the only country that is also a continent, is also famous for The Great Barrier Reef. Because of its unique landscape, flora, and fauna, tourists love to flock into Oz. From koalas, emus, wallabies, platypuses, and kangaroos, there is so much stuff to see and activities to do.

A swimsuit is one thing that you must pack for your vacation in Australia. Whether you use this once on your holiday or daily, your swimwear in Australia will take a beating from all the elements it is exposed to. There’s sand, UV rays, pool chemicals, and even your sunscreen. Bathing suits can be quite expensive, so you must learn how to take care of your investment to look great all season. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

Conduct a Quick Rinse 

It is vital to do a quick rinse after every use. Most suits contain lycra or spandex, which can break down or stretch when reacting with chemicals. The fibres of your suit will react to your own sweat and body oils, chlorine, and saltwater. Chlorine is notorious for harming the fibres, making them less elastic. On top of that, this chemical will turn your fabric yellowish. You can prevent this deterioration with a quick rinse using tap water. 

Opt to Hand Wash

Though your swimsuits may come with several cleaning instructions (some can be machine washed), it is best to go with handwashing. These itty-bitty pieces are so tiny that washing them by hand will not be a big chore. Throwing your swimwear in the washing machine will agitate those delicate parts. Remember, you’ve got cups, padding, and delicate ties. Machine movement can bunch, stretch, and deform the suit. This scenario is a disaster because it will become ill-fitting. The last thing you need is to flash the crowd with your privates because your swimsuit is now too loose.

Rotate Those Swimsuits

It is vital to have several kinds of swimwear in Australia. Aside from giving you a choice to help you mix and match depending on your mood, owning several types of swimwear means you can rotate that stuff inside your closet. If you keep on wearing the same thing over and over, it will lose its shape a lot faster. Rotation gives you ample time to wash and dry it. Having choices gives your swimwear that much-needed break so the fibres won’t break down. 

Be Mindful of the Detergent

You don’t need anything harsh for your swimsuit. This is a delicate fabric that touches your most precious body parts. A mild soap is best because it will not leave soapy sediments that can cause nasty skin irritation. Moreover, a harsh cleaner will just break down the fibres of your suit. For best results, look for a detergent that’s really meant for “delicates.” Don’t forget to rinse with cool water. 

Resist the Urge to Wring

Finally, there is no need to squeeze it excessively because you may deform the padding. Too much wringing to get every drop of water out will damage the suit fibres. Please resist the urge to hang because it can also stretch the suit and cause it to lose shape. It is best to roll it in a towel and dab gently. Avoid drying in the sun to prevent discolouration, and never throw it in the dryer as it can affect all the spandex and lycra. It is best to lay your swimwear flat on a towel and wait for it to dry thoroughly before putting it in your wardrobe.

5 Fun Ways for Millennial Women to Make Extra money

Making money from your side hustle is one of the biggest blessings of the internet. In this age of the internet, making extra money online is an incredibly easy way if you know where, and how to start. 

It is the reason why we are here to discuss the top five ways for you to get started with your side hustle, and earn extra money. Let us look at these side hustle ideas and how you can make it big for you!


If you are thinking of any easy way to make extra money, freelancing can be the thing for you. You can either start as a freelance content writer, a freelance graphic designer, a copywriter, digital marketer, or even social media marketer. When it comes to freelancing, there are hundreds of options that you can choose depending upon your preferences and skills. (P.S. Freelancers have to do their own invoicing – check out the most popular free invoice templates and make yours look great!)

Online Teaching

There are a lot of ways to start a side hustle and earn extra money. Online teaching is one of them. People, especially women are excelling at online teaching and tutoring. So, if you are looking for it, you should definitely give it a shot. To start with online teaching, all you need is a laptop or computer system with a good internet connection.


If you are looking for a side hustle that can pay you well, you can look forward to the investment market. Investments in real estate pay extremely well, especially when you are highly skilled and possess good analytical skills. So, analytics and investment is your strength, real estate investment is the thing for you! Other investments can be lucrative too, whether you buy Uber shares or something more traditional.

Virtual Assistant

If you are good in the assistance work and want to make money from your hobby, you can work as a remote virtual assistant and make money. You can either choose to work part-time or full time depending upon your schedule which can be relatively reflexive as long as it is okay with whomever you are working with. All you need to get started as a virtual assistant is a laptop, headset or cell phone, good communication skills, and a flexible schedule. Virtual assistants are making a good career in their areas, and you can do it as well.


There is no denial in the fact that blogging is one of the most heated areas when it comes to getting started with a side hustle. If you think that you have the potential to create a niche audience for your blog, you can easily make an entire paycheck. To start with blogging you can do advertising and affiliate marketing. It also makes it possible for small blogs to stay in the business, and become a successful side hustle.

Building a side hustle is essential to living a millennial life and getting the best out of it. There are a lot of career options, just as we discussed in the above points, that you can take up as a side hustle and build your empire today. All you need is a will to live a better life!