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Genius Halloween Makeup Ideas Feature

Genius Halloween Makeup IdeasLooking for a great Halloween makeup idea but no clue where to begin? Luckily, the Internet is full of beauty bloggers like myself with inspired ideas on Halloween makeup. Here are some by the look you’d like to get:

  • Scary Witch makeup: Try She Might Be Loved’s tutorial for a vein-y, dead dryad looking witch.
  • 60’s Mod makeup: No need to run away – we’ve got a great guide on a Twiggy-style Halloween mod makeup look right here on SD!
  • Creepy Doll makeup: A Sweet Escape has a great collection of these scary toy-inspired looks…the Nutcracker-y one is going to keep me up tonight.
  • ’50s Glam Marilyn Monroe-style makeup: Good ol’ Makeup.com made an epic tutorial for this – with bonus hair. Woulda been useful a few years back when I tried this look myself. The pin curls! /shudder
  • Pop Art Makeup: Are you obsessed with Roy Liechtenstein’s art and old comic books? Emma Pickles has a wonderful Youtube tutorial on this look that goes especially well on redheads.
  • Dia De Los Muertos Makeup: Loving the Day of the Dead look? This sugar skull look is so popular that Crafty Lady Abby actually has found many options on different ways to go both dead and decorative at the same time.

I have another upcoming tutorial on doing Sally’s makeup from the Nightmare Before Christmas – be on the lookout for that to hit the blog in time for All Hallow’s Eve! Have a look you’d like featured here? Comment and let me know about it!

13 thoughts on “Genius Halloween Makeup Ideas

  1. Thanks for your post, checked out most of the links you posted and I think I’m gonna try Crafty Lady Abbeys’s sugar skulls tonight! I have an evil clown facepaint tutorial and I would looove to have it featured in your post. It is my most recent post on my blog. Following you now!

  2. One of the easiest Halloween makeup ideas that isn’t super played out already? Pirate makeup. It’s got classic elements like smoked-out eyeshadow and inky black eyeliner, and it’s v easy to customize to your exact vibe (and, IDK, the products you

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