‘Girls’ Stars On The 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Golden Globes Girls Lena DunhamIf you’re anything like me, you’re dying waiting for the Girls Season 4 premiere tonight. Luckily, you can tide yourself over like I am – by checking out all the HBO show’s stars on tonight’s 2015 Golden Globes red carpet:

  • Lena Dunham in a red boatneck hi-lo number from Zac Posen with her signature dark eyeliner and short haircut
  • Zosia Mamet as a vision in greige with both her hair and Andrew Gn dress devastatingly neutral
  • Golden Globes Girls Zosia MametAllison Williams looking kind of like she wants to eat your face in a beautiful glitzy Giorgio Armani red gown, and
  • Jemima Kirke going all geisha on us in Rosie Assoulin (which could be an homage to Jessa’s geisha moment on the show – remember? With her husband?).

Here’s an interview Jemima, who plays Jessa on the show and is one of those effortlessly beautiful shabby chic European types you just love to hate, did on the red carpet:

What do you think of the Girls’ red carpet looks? Are you going to watch the premiere tonight?

4 thoughts on “‘Girls’ Stars On The 2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet”

  1. Honestly I think all of them except Lena look like crap. Marnie’s makeup is too light for her red dress, Zosia is like all one color and a frumpy librarian, Jemima looks like she made her outfit herself for sophomore prom… just no. The premiere sucked too. I’m way less excited for Season 4 now.

      1. Because everyone else has a cool name and hers is so generic. Which is actually kind of perf for Marnie. Also totes naming my first kid after that girl Season who faked her death to get away from Jessa. What a cool name!!

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