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Glazed or unglazed doors, which one should you choose?

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A home is a personal haven. One that needs to feel safe, secure and happy. It’s the place we spend most of our free time, in the company of those we love and as such, it needs to be an environment in which we feel comfortable. 

In order to create the environment we want, we need to make it look the way we prefer, and that can be easier said than done. In fact, it might take you decorating the space first only to find out what you don’t like, which can be highly frustrating! 

There are a few crucial questions you can ask yourself to make the interior design element easier and stop the big issues from occurring. Questions such as:

  • How do we live as a family? Do we want to integrate together across an ample, open-plan space, or do people prefer to have their own solitude?
  • Is the house more traditional or brighter with more light flowing in? Do we want more of that light around the house?
  • What type of finish do we want? Is it neutral calming tones and plush fabrics and comfortable furniture? Or is it bright, super-stylish, vibrant spaces we want? 

If you have a clear idea in your mind of the type of look, you are ultimately trying to achieve, that will undoubtedly help. Just make sure you remain a little bit flexible so that you don’t end up disappointed if your particular property can’t accommodate some of your desires. And a little flexibility can also help maintain harmony between the family members too! 

When it comes to elements such as the lighting of your home, this can play a more prominent role than you realise. It is true that in the UK, we don’t have as much sunshine as we might like so when we do get it, most of us want to make the most of it. This can be aided by elements in the house you might not normally recognise, such as your doors. But the matter of light can answer the question “should I go for internal glazed doors or unglazed doors?” quite easily. 

Put simply, the key benefit to having glazed doors throughout your home is the fact they allow natural and artificial light to evenly pass through without issue. That means if one of your rooms is brighter and leads out on a darker hallway, for example, glazed panels within the doors will enable that light to naturally brighten up the areas on the other side of it. 

Unglazed doors seem to offer more privacy with their solid appearance, but you can achieve this with frosted or smoked glass in the glazed option too. It’s even possible to have extremely safe internal glazed doors, so you need not compromise on that element either. 

Much of your door choice depends on the personal taste of course, and it is safe to say that internal glazed doors won’t suit all properties. Ones with a strong time period, for example, might look better with a style that is totally in keeping with that era. 

Whatever you choose, just ensure you get them from a reputable retailer with a lot of choices and ensure the price you pay is competitive!

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