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Growing My Hair Out With JustNatural

As you regulars know, it’s my goal to grow my hair long. In that effort, I’ve made a rule for myself that I don’t use hair products with alcohols or sulfates. (This is surprisingly difficult. If you don’t believe me, start reading your ingredients lists.)

I was delighted to discover JustNatural, a brand whose products are carefully formulated using natural and organic ingredients that are designed to be more effective than other mass-produced commercial products. Plus, they have a whole line of “Grow New Hair” products, and on all the ones whose ingredients I read, not ONE has alcohol or sulfates.

One tough thing about using sulfate-free products is that, because they typically lack lather, you can get buildup pretty quickly and it can be tough to get rid of.

JustNatural Products Vinegar and Grow New Hair TreatmentI had used apple cider vinegar to clarify my hair and add shine before, so that attracted me to the Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser. Use once every two weeks to clarify hair – I love it! It’s a permanent part of my routine now.

Enticed by the idea of longer, thicker, fuller hair, I also tried the Grow New Hair Treatment. I found it not only left my hair feeling silky, but I’m also seeing more volume and thickness in my lengths and at my hairline.

I’m still working on my hair length – 27 inches-ish total right now – but these products are going to become new additions to my hair growth arsenal.

These products were provided free of charge from JustNatural. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are 100% my own. 

24 thoughts on “Growing My Hair Out With JustNatural”

  1. I am okay in the length area of things but I have been losing hair like crazy lately and I cannot figure out why. These products seem like something worth looking into!

  2. I’ve been growing my hair out for about 2 years now and it is only to my collar bone. My hair grows pretty fast but I was growing it out from a pixie cut and it’s really hard to get it past the awkward stage.

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