Hair Product Review Matrix Color Smart Conditioner Model

Hair Product Review: Matrix Conditioner

Hair Product Review Matrix Color Smart Conditioner ModelMost of you ladies probably have colored hair, and likely have also had your once brilliant color fade or look different from when you left the salon. I’ve got bad news for you – there’s no way around that. It’s just going to happen. The good news is, companies like Matrix make great products like this. Matrix Conditioner is excellent on colored hair for several reasons. Number One: it’s extremely moisturizing.

We’re probably all aware that coloring is one of the most drying things you can do to your hair, regardless of how many times your stylist claims the “gels” she’s using will be just fine. Well, I color. After using this product, my hair feels softer than ever.

Number Two: It actually does maintain your color, although not necessarily through the magical process they’d like you to believe occurs. Retaining your hair’s moisture will automatically keep your color brighter, as a)each strand is plumper, and b)drying products will actually remove any chemical residue remaining on your hair, causing the color to fade. That’s why every time you shampoo, your hair color gets a little less intense. It’s just science.

Hair Product Review Matrix Color Smart Conditioner Science

Still, if you want to maintain beautiful color and shiny, healthy hair, this product is a great way to go, chemically colored or otherwise.

The verdict: 8/10– While Matrix’s other products are basically Biolage with a younger marketing demographic, this product actually does what it says, which is a rarity in beauty these days.

Matrix Conditioner sells at for $13.95.

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