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Hair Product Review: Redken Extreme AntiSnap Leave-In Treatment

Hair Product Review Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Model Muse LeftI’m a hair abuser. I color, flat iron, blow dry, go swimming capless, and generally mortify my hair by living under the desert sun. So for me, a product like Redken Anti-Snap is a dream. Just wash and condition as normal, and then apply some AntiSnap to the lengths and especially ends of your hair. (I use about two pumps of the bottle for my shoulder-length hair…three on an especially burny Phoenix afternoon!)

Redken Extreme AntiSnap Leave-In TreatmentMy hair dries softer than ever, and over time I definitely feel an improvement in my hair as far as split ends and breakage. My overly treated hair doesn’t feel like straw anymore! I’d recommend this product to anybody, as we all do things to abuse our hair. The price is a little on the high side, but it’s Redken, a brand I trust.

The verdict: 10/10!┬áPick this one up, it’ll keep your hair healthy and strong.

Redken Extreme AntiSnap Leave-In Treatment sells at for $15.99.

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