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Hair today, gone tomorrow: tips for holding on to your hair

hair loss womenIf you notice your hairline starting to recede and perhaps follicles falling out in other parts of your scalp, and not growing back, there are some things you can do to stem the tide of hair loss.

Probably the best thing you can do straight away is to embark on a health and fitness regimen. You won’t just be doing your hair a favour but also your entire body. If your hair has been in poor condition for some time, maybe limp or thinning, it may be that health and diet are a factor.

Not everyone gets the required amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that they need to sustain their overall health, including that of their hair follicles. Not getting sufficient levels of Vitamin B and iron, for instance, may cause hair to fall out and not regrow.

In addition, ditching junk food for quality meals rich in organic products – meaning they have not been treated with pesticides and other chemicals that may be harmful to human health – that include vegetables and fruit will do wonders for your hair.

If you’re a smoker, give it up; and for those who enjoy a tipple or two, consider switching from alcoholic drinks that serve little benefit other than to enhance your mood to those that contain health-enhancing properties, in particular red wine.

Combine this new healthy-eating lifestyle – that’s what it is, not a short-term “diet” – with regular aerobic exercises such as running, swimming or cycling, making sure you push yourself so that your heart rate increases (thereby improving circulation) and you perspire, and you’re well on your way to not only being a better you but helping to keep what hair you have.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle where whole foods, not processed, and exercise are paramount will also go a long way to reducing the stresses of life, whether in the home or workplace. Our bodies react badly to long-term stresses, leading to all manner of maladies, and hair health is no exception. The simple act of running, for example, can do wonders to banish stresses and put you in a healthy, calm state of mind.

In order to hold on to your hair – leave it alone! There’s no need for most people to wash their hair every day, and there’s certainly no need to slather it with all manner of shampoos, creams and potions. Every few days is sufficient for washing your hair, unless you’ve had an intense workout and it’s dripping with perspiration. When you do wash it, gently massage your scalp as you’re doing so; your hair will thank you.

There’s also no need to brush or comb your hair incessantly, or harshly. By doing so, you may be speeding up its demise. For those with short hair, simply using your fingers to style your hair is a better alternative. For those with longer locks, gentle is the way to go.

If you find that your hair loss is still advancing, don’t be shy about seeking restorative treatments. There are plenty out there and many provide noticeable results.

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