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Haircare 101: Choosing the Right Brush


How to Choose the Right Hair BrushAre you using the right brush on your hair? Most of us have no clue as to what kind of hairbrush we should be using to curl, straighten, add volume, or simply brush our hair with.

As I discussed in my quest for long hair, I’ve learned that most of us greatly underestimate physical damage to our hair, lots of which comes from brushing. As a general rule, if you want to avoid damaging your hair, the best thing to look for is no seams. That means no little ball tips with edges to shred your hair – nothing but smoothness on the bristle.

I guarantee you that anything with seams will rip up your strands if your hair is at all fine like mine. 

That being said, no one thing works for everybody, so here’s a simple guide on which brush to use for various hair types and styling needs:

  • Limp locks got you down? Try a vented brush to achieve volume in minutes. One with a ceramic-coated barrel will also add luster and smooth rough ends.
  • Brushing wet hair is generally a big no-no. However, Olivia Garden’s Ceramic + Ion XL Pro hairbrush won’t damage wet hair, and with its ion-charged bristles and comfortable ball point tips, is actually ideal for detangling.
  • Need to fight frizzy hair and add a little oomph? A heat-friendly thermal brush like a Conair Titanium Tourmaline Cork Paddle Brush (available at any drugstore, Walmart, Target, you know the drill) creates voluminous, soft curls when blow drying. With consistent strides of the brush, you’ll have texture and movement instantly.
  • Take control of coarse hair by using a brush with boar hair bristles. A vented one will cut down drying time substantially, which can prevent an over-processed look. Boar bristles also work to make hair perfectly smooth and shiny.
  • Craving sleek, pin-straight locks one day and luscious waves the next? You’ll find just what you need with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brushes. The unique thermal ionic brush acts as a hot roller to create curls, while the boar brush achieves a smooth, straight look. They also feature anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities and an ergonomic, lightweight design.

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