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Haircolor Review: Revlon Colorist Expert Color and Glaze

Revlon Colorist RedheadWhy do I constantly switch haircolor products? I was perfectly happy with the color I got from Perfect 10. Well, I know why – because I’m obsessed with trying new things and reviewing them for you, that’s why. Revlon Colorist was one flavor I sampled in my blondie days, and here’s the rundown:

Back when I was channeling Marilyn I tried a lot of blonde hair colors, and they’re all pretty torturous on the senses. This one was no exception. It itched my scalp and the smell was all burny in my nose. No bueno. The color (#100, Extra Light Natural Blonde) came out pretty though: light but natural-looking, and blended well with my already Pam Anderson-colored ends. (I wasn’t a bimbo, so stop thinkin’ it. Seriously. I’ll cut you.)

I waited the directed 20 minutes for my color to develop. (By the way, here’s a tip girlies: before you complain about your haircolor results, follow the damn directions. I don’t care if the time seems too long or too short- hair color companies test these things before they sell them, so just give them the benefit of the doubt the first time you try a new one, all right?)

I rinsed as directed and then noticed a strange new set of directions at the bottom: put on the color glaze after rinsing, wait two minutes and rinse again. What, no conditioner? I was confused, but did as it told me, thinking using conditioner might cloud up the glaze. (See? DIRECTIONS!!) The glaze did seem to pump up the blonde and shine of my color, and my hair dried soft. Still, I wish they’d put some kind of indicator down there to at least ensure me that rinsing my frazzled hair after a Level 10 coloring with no conditioner wouldn’t make it fall out.

The verdict: 8/10– the color’s pretty and the glaze is a nice bonus. The unclear directions and smelly burninating are not. Fix those problems, Revlon, and we’ll be in business, ‘kay?

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