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Things People Say To Redheads (AKA The Redheaded Airing of The Grievances)

Redhead Problems - Cailin in Pigtails is not Pippy LongstockingI like to write a positive blog for the most part. However, there comes a time when there must be The Airing of The Grievances. This is one of those times – the redheaded edition.

My head was born a blonde, but my heart has always been a redhead. I tried to deny it, I tried to fight it, but in the end I realized why my first instinct way back in high school was to go red – I had to embrace the redhead inside of me.

I thought the bonus to this move would be ditching all the dumb-blonde jokes and annoying come-ons. Little did I know, I was just trading one haircolor’s suite of witty repartee for another.

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Why Red Hair Fades (And How to Keep Red Looking Vibrant)

redhead beauty keeping red hair vibrant and brightMore and more, it seems, ladies are coloring their hair shades of red or adding red tones to give their manes some more grrrr. I’m my own example. I love the way the sunlight hits my hair and seems to set it on fire when I’ve got it a nice deep red. People are always asking me how I get this vibrant color – but the trick isn’t getting it, it’s keeping it.

The only problem: whether you’re faking natural ginger a la Amy Pond or channeling a fire engine like Eva Marie, red fades quickly. Want to know the reason behind this? It’s actually pretty interesting (to a person like me who enjoys useless trivia, anyway). Okay, here it is:

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Top Ten Haircolor Beliefs: Fact or Fiction?

Hairstyle Tips: Making a Salon Blowout LastHaircolor giant Wella Professional wanted to know which common haircolor beliefs held true and which ones were bogus, so they surveyed a thousand women nationwide. Check out the results and learn something new today!

#1: For the best color advice, talk to your friends.
FICTION. 69% of women said that they get most of their hair color advice from a stylist. Only 4% got most of their advice from a friend, while 7% percent read magazines for tips. Colorists are trained professionally in hair color theory and can give the best advice on which color complements your skin tone, eye color, and personal style.

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