Hairstyle Gripe: Overly Long Emo Bangs

redhead Red hair bangs in faceI have a bit of a complaint about a hairstyle I’m seeing way too much: in the emo (or “scene”, the term the cool kids are using to differentiate themselves even further) tradition, teenagers everywhere have long, pointy bangs dripping down their faces. What’s going on with that? When did every 15 year old decide they were Pete Wentz?

I’m all for the punkish, edgy look, but these choppy, razor-cut bangs (which some new hipsters are referring to as “fringe” – confusing since I thought that meant a collection of thick, layered, straight-cut lash-brushing lovely bangs, not sticky Pokemon styles) have got to stop somewhere; more specifically, somewhere on your forehead.

Don’t get me wrong – in some circumstances (like the lovely pic above) this can look poignant, artistic, wistful and evoke all the emotion that “emo” truly stands for – but walking around on the street, it just doesn’t looks as good as it does on Instagram. I’m constantly seeing pointy bangs grazing the cheeks, noses, even lips of both guys and girls – and the styles are too glued in position for this to be an accident. Here’s a rule: if you can’t see past them, they’re not bangs – they’re just hair. What do you guys think? (I know I’m right, but I’m still interested.)

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6 thoughts on “Hairstyle Gripe: Overly Long Emo Bangs”

  1. Oh don’t get me started on emo bangs. I too once went through this phase in middle school (when I was coincidentally in LOVE with pete wentz…) and I always had bangs covering my left eye. Nobody even know I had a left eye for a whole two years. It was great because I could get away with only doing makeup on the right side hahahaah

    1. I had a full fringe not too long ago and I found myself trimming them here and there several times a week. It looked fashionable, but it was way more maintenance than I was ready for.

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