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Hairstyle Guide: Make a Low Ponytail Look Gorgeous!

Hairstyles Make a Low Ponytail Look Gorgeous Feature

Low Ponytail Hairstyle How ToLately, I’ve seen a lot of girls sporting a low ponytail. Whether spending a day at the beach, running errands, or dressing up for a date or Girls’ Night Out, this flexible hairstyle looks great on everybody – but if not styled properly, this look can be a bit, well, boring.

Since it’s such a growing trend (and super cute!) I’ve got some ways to make yours unique. Try these out and you’re guaranteed to look fab:

  • For date night: Pull your hair to a low-pony on whichever side is more flattering for you. Once you do that, take a 1″ curling iron and add some spirals. Keep them loose for a flirty, dressier look. Add some hairspray, but not too much – nobody wants crunchy hair!
  • For a night out with the girls: Add some volume to the crown area. Take 1″ sections at the top back area of your head and tease them with an all-purpose comb. Tease as much or as little as you please, depending on how high you want your hair. Smooth it down by slightly combing through the top layer and then put it in a hair tie. Use your fingers to fluff up the teased portion of your hair to ensure it’s still voluminous. Add hair spray, but again, not too much!
  • For work: Grab a strand of hair and wrap it around the base to hide the ponytail holder and add a polished look. Tuck the end into the base of the pony.

You can also add things like ribbons around your hair tie or around the teased part for more girly look, or a cute clip to hold back fly-aways.

This hairstyle is also good for a quick everyday look, whether going to work or running errands. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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