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Ten Tips For De-Frizzing Your Hair

Angry Curly-Haired WomanWhen the good folks over at Misikko.com asked me to contribute a guest article on hair care for their site, I happily complied. Who knew I was already an internet hair guru? Check out my article in its original form here, or just read below!

Ten Ways To Defrizz Your Hair: Take Control Of Your Locks!

Got frizz? Don’t fret – just follow these 10 simple tips to ditch the static and turn those frustrating fly-aways into a sleek, silken mane worthy of any shampoo ad.

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More Tips on Cutting Your Own Bangs

Cutting Your Own BangsRecently, one reader commented on my post about how to cut your own bangs asking what length she should cut her bangs. Although I can’t say what length will best suit you and your haircut (check out this post for some ideas), here are a few more tips on helping you decide what length will look best:

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