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Hairstyle How To: Style a French Twist

Hairstyle How to Style a French Twist Feature

Hairstyle How to Style a French Twist“French twist” is a catch-all term for an easy and adaptable type of updo. The basic French twist can be modified into any number of updo hairstyles – but it’s beautiful all on its own! This is a great choice for a prom or wedding hairstyle, and if you’re brave and can do anything with pin curls or braiding, you can modify it to no end. Here’s how to create the basic French twist all by your wittle self at home. C’mon baby, let’s do the Twist!

1. Use a thin, oily serum or hair gel like Garnier Sleek & Shine and grease your hair up top to bottom. Classically, this look is very finished, so we recommend greasing the front up as well. Start with a side part that has more hair on the left side of your head when looking in the mirror. (It doesn’t have to be extreme, just enough to give us some excess hair on that side.) Slick your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and slightly off to the right – but don’t use your hairtie yet; just hold it there. Thaaaaat’s right. Keep holding it. Yeah. You’ll do what I say just ’cause I say so.

2. Okay, I’m off my power trip. Bend the ponytail up against the back of your head and fold the ends of your hair down underneath the ponytail. (Note: If you have unusually long hair, first: I hate you, and second: you may have to fold your hair down a couple more times to get the top of the twist even with your head. Oh wahhh, I have to fold my long luxurious hair down more than a regular person. Poor you.) The top of the ponytail where the ends are folded under should fall right below your crown. Smooth the hair on the right side (this should be the side with less hair, if you parted as directed) against the back of your head.

3. Have your bobby pins or hairclip ready for this part. Hold all hair in place with your right hand; your fingertips should cup the top of the ponytail at your crown while the heel of your hand should rest on the right side of your head. Using your left hand, gather the excess hair from the left side of your head and pull it over the ponytail, twisting it under and to the right tightly. Ah? See the twist tie-in now? French twist? It’s all coming together. Make sure you get ALL of the hair from the nape of your neck up the left side into the twist. Twist it up as tightly as possible (the motion is like you’re revving a motorcycle) and tuck in all stray ends. All of the hair to the left of the twist should look together; the ponytail should no longer be visible.

Now, you have a couple options for securing the twist: if you want only the hair visible, use bobby pins (my favorite), taking care to tuck and hide them under the twist. If you want to show off a cute long hair barrette you never get to use, slide it vertically up the inside of the twist and secure at the top.

Shellac any wandering strands down with gel. Don’t just sit there and admire your beautiful self: helmet-head it up with some high-powered hairspray. (Big Sexy Hair’s is quite nice, and affordable.)

You can thank me later for your beautimous hair – or now, whenever. Look forward to some variations on the French Twist hairstyle in future posts – or submit YOUR ideas to me in the comments section below. I will gladly be your guinea pig (guinea dove?) for your sexy/goofy/crazy hairstyle. ‘Cause I’m brave like that.

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  1. I am so bad at hair styles, I can’t do anything but braids and a ponytail! I really want to try this, thanks for the tutorial <3

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