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Hanging Lamps: A Showstopper in Any Room

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When it comes to home design, the human eye is drawn to that which is visually striking—whether in shape, color or placement. What do you want people to notice when they first enter a new room inside your home? You may have a perfectly pleasant design scheme, but is it missing that one “wow factor” that ties the space together and gives people a real reason to remember your place?

One simple, space-conscious way to drum up interest in a room is adding a ceiling-mounted light fixture. Have you considered a hanging lamp instead?

Here are some ideas for incorporating a show-stopping hanging lamp in any room:

Living Room

The living room should be, well, the life of your house. It’s the natural place where people gravitate, mingle, unwind after a long day and tackle their favorite hobbies. But none of this can happen without ample lighting!

Hanging a large globe pendant high above your sitting area kills two birds with one stone: it casts a pleasant overhead glow and makes an impression with its unique shape and shade material. If your home is particularly open concept or your ceilings higher than average, consider hanging a collection of globes to multiply the visual appeal.


The kitchen is the premier place for a well-placed pendant. This is not a space to compromise on visibility! Preparing even the most basic of recipes is dangerous, if not downright impossible, without strong overhead light. And when you’re cooking, you certainly don’t want to worry about sending a table or floor lamp flying with a stray elbow or knee. In such a physical space, you need everything to stay streamlined.

Hanging lamps, particularly mini pendants and drum pendants, are the perfect way to shine task lighting onto your island or counter workspace without adding a fixture at ground-level. While you’re busy whipping up the chef’s special in your brightly-lit workspace, the rest of the room only benefits from the beautiful shapes and colors of whatever shade material you choose.

Dining Room

Some people prefer to stick with an old-school chandelier over their dining room table, but not you. You’re modern all the way—plus, who wants to spend hours cleaning each individual crystal? But of course, you still want your eating space to stick out and provide a stunning backdrop for group meals.

Have you considered dual hanging lights? Instead of one heavy chandelier smack dab in the middle of the ceiling, two large modern pendant lights placed near either end of a rectangular table tend to add a dash of sophisticated symmetry. Plus, with two fixtures, you’ll never have to worry about uneven lighting bringing down one of your legendary dinner parties.


For some reason, decorating the bedroom often takes a backseat to decorating the more public spaces. Of course you want your home to look its best for guests, but don’t you deserve to pull out all the stops for yourself, too? After all, you’re the one who will spend the most time in your bedroom.

Don’t just settle for the outdated yet still-functional flush mount that came with the home. Treat yourself to a light display fit for royalty so you can feel your best at the beginning and end of each day! Whether you choose a spa-like bowl pendant in a beautiful natural material or a series of contemporary hanging pendants that are positively artsy, you’ll be glad you took the time to spruce up your personal sanctuary.

As you can see, hanging lights are a great addition to virtually any room in the house. If you’ve got a blank patch of ceiling and a burst of inspiration, you’re ready to find the perfect show-stopping pendant light for your home.

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