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Happy Your Holiday Shopping with Higgle

Higgle Shopping Website

I’ve discovered something new that’s perfect for the holidays called Higgle – and no, it’s not a Snoop Dogg song.  Higgle is Priceline meets Pinterest: a name-your-own price marketplace where shoppers can discover new goodies and gifts, name the price they want to pay, and get their likeminded shoppin’ buddies to join in the fun.

Higgle tells you based on your offer how many need to join to get your offer accepted. If enough people join, your offer is accepted, and if not enough join, you will get a counteroffer (still at a discounted price).  Power to the pocketbook!

Got big social influence like I do? Put it to work to get you better prices on the products you want. No need to wait for the next Black Friday.


Higgles (what they call each offer) are open for 3 days, and can be joined by anybody on Higgle.  You can share them on Facebook, etc – the more who join, the more likely your price is to get accepted. You can also join groups of shoppers (I’m in “Health & Beauty” and “fashionistas” – surprised?)

Sound cool? Join up on Higgle.com like I did and get started higglin’. Their Holiday Gift Guide can help you get some great gift ideas (at super prices) for even the most fickle recipient.

Like Higgle on Facebook for more info and come follow my Higgle to see what I find for the holidays. Happy shopping! (Really, is shopping ever UNhappy?)

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