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HELP! I Suck at Hair! #hairchallenged

Are you HAIR CHALLENGED? Seriously, do you SUCK at doing your hair?

Help I suck at hair coverYou’re not alone. I even used to be hair-challenged myself. After I became a prominent beauty blogger, I realized that those girls you see running around with long, luscious locks and perfectly styled fishtail braids aren’t born that way (at least not all of them are) – they become that way through practice, tips and tricks I’d never been taught.

Think you’re not ready to create pretty hairstyles yourself at home, that your hair isn’t long enough for styling, that you’re just “bad” at doing your hair? So did I. Then I learned that  just needed the right tools and to know the ropes. And now I’ve written a book targeted at girls who are naturally #hairchallenged, just like I am.

“HELP! I Suck at Hair: Tips, tricks and insider secrets for the hair challenged” is divided into four main sections: STYLE, CUT, COLOR and CARE.

Henna? Covered. Celeb hair trends? Covered. DIY bangs? Covered. And there’s much, much more.

After reading this book, you’ll be ready to tackle styling your own hair (both basic styles and more advanced ones), getting the perfect cut and haircolor, and taking altogether fabulous care of your mane so that you can keep it looking its best at any given moment.

Your most common hair woes, myths and mysteries – detangled! Are you ready? Check it out on Amazon.com – it’s only $2.99 for 110 pages of hair magic!

Help I suck at hair cover

3 thoughts on “HELP! I Suck at Hair! #hairchallenged

  1. Uhhh I SO need this! I am so hair retarded it’s not even funny. Now if only I had a Kindle!

    1. Maritza – you can read it using the Kindle app (free on any smartphone), if you don’t have a traditional Kindle. Thanks for the love!

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