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Holiday Gift Ideas From Studio Gear Cosmetics

Studio Gear Makeup Holiday Gift Set Feature

Studio Gear Makeup Holiday Gift Set FeatureBeauty gals know beauty gals. And in the holiday season, a cheapie set of eyeshadows from that gimme-gift aisle in the seasonal section just won’t do. C’mon, your girls deserve to get something they’ll actually use – and love.

One of my favorite makeup brands, Studio Gear, has tons of great, high-quality beauty kits that would make fantastic gifts for beauty gals. I tried three:

  • Definition Drama True Red
  • Shades of Pink
  • Draw The Line

Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Studio Gear Holiday-Kits-Definition Drama True Red Lipstick SetDefinition Drama True Red Lip Set

This box ($30) includes the lipstick in True Red, lip liner in Redwood, an awesome easy-to-carry version of the Prime Objective Lip Primer (which I’m so addicted to), and a posh lipstick case with a teeny mirror inside (which has earned a permanent spot in my purse).

For all day staying power, Studio Gear suggests that you first scrub your lips with a washcloth and then apply the primer. Follow with the lip liner to define lips and gently fill in (see, I told you to always fill in your liner). Finally, apply the matte red lipstick. I loved that it was buildable and lasted forrrrrevvvvverrrrrrr. Like, Sandlot forever.

Shades of Pink Lipstick/Eyeshadow Set

Studio Gear Holiday-Kits-Shades of Pink Eyeshadow Lipstick SetThis set ($35) comes with the lipstick in Pink Quartz, two eyeshadows (one in Pink Freeze and one in Naive Pink), and their #42 Lip Brush. (If you’ve never used a Studio Gear brush, treat yo’self.)

You’d think all this pink together would be overwhelming, but it actually looks fetching together, and I may have found my new favorite pink lipstick. It’s more on the berry side of pink than the Barbie side, though – which is way more universally flattering.

 Studio Gear Holiday-Kits-Draw the Line Eyeliner SetDraw The Line Eyeliner Set

If you’re a liner fanatic like me (or your giftee is), she’ll love that this box ($25) has Eye Definer pencils in Suede, Steel, Brown, Blue Gray and Midnight Blue. These are sharp looking and you can actually tell the difference between each shade.

My new favorite thing is to use a different one underneath my waterline each day. If you put white or beige in the lower waterline, it will pop like nobody’s business.

Which one would your favorite beauty gal want for Christmas?

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