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Holiday Hairstyle Tips From AG Hair Cosmetics

Inspired by art deco, hair this holiday season is timeless, feminine and glam. “Much like the paired down fashion of the 1930s, hair becomes the focal point this holiday,” says Jo-Anne Dicken, AG Hair Cosmetics’ updo guru. “This holiday we’re seeing styles similar to what you’d expect on the sophisticated red carpet of the Uptown district in Manhattan.” AG recommends trying one of these hairstyles for your holiday celebrations:

AG Hair Cosmetics Diva How-ToThe Diva

Before creating this ultra glamorous updo, prepare your hair with a volumizing product like AG’s Foam Weightless Volumizer and blow-dry with your hair flipped upside down. Get The Diva’s fullness and width by curling the hair with magnetic rollers and pinning curls in different heights for a fresh holiday silhouette.

The PoshAG Hair Cosmetics Posh How-To

The playful, 30’s styled waves of this updo are coupled with teased ends to create a contrast of textures. Using AG’s Thermal Spray Gel working spray, the foundation for this sophisticated look is created by curling the hair and sectioning asymmetrically into ponytails. A ponytail gathered at the neck is flanked by brushed out curls from the remaining sections.

AG Hair Cosmetics Baroque How-ToThe Baroque

This show stopping look is architecturally inspired, with detailed spirals along the hairline and a tower of fullness at the top. Bigwigg Root Volumizer gives the hair volume before the front section of the hair is divided and twisted using AG’s Waxx Gloss Pomade. Curls in the top section can be smoothly defined and pinned for a soft, romantic feel, or backcombed for a towering, highly textured pin-up.

AG Hair Cosmetics Fountain Hairstyle TutorialThe Fountain

Shadowing the glamour of a 1930’s movie star, The Fountain is a look made up of loose, luscious waves. Details Defining Cream sets pincurls in place all over the head before they are brushed out and swept into a deep side part. Clip curls in place with a jeweled pin for the ultimate in holiday glamour.

Stepping out with the right style this holiday means starting with the right products. Volumizers and setting sprays are key to creating this year’s feminine looks, and shine serums and sprays are essential for soaking up the spotlight.

Hair: AG’s Artistic Director, Jami Symons; AG’s Artistic Team Leader, Jo-Anne Dicken; and, AG’s Artistic Team Member, Jaclyn Emmett
Photography: Waldy Martens
Makeup: Yasaman Morshedian

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