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How Old Am I If I Was Born On… The Benefits Of Age Calculators

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Wouldn’t you want to know how long you’ve been living on this earth? Well, I’ve just got the thing for you. You can find an age calculator online where it computes how old you are in years, hours, and even seconds in a click. This age calculator computes for your chronological age, which means how long you have lived from the time you were born. But, why do you need this in your life? Listed below are some benefits of an age calculator.

  1.      User-Friendly, Fast and Accurate

You just have to select your date of birth (month, day, and year) and click the submit button on the age calculator. Automatically, your exact age will be generated. You won’t need any math or excel file to compute your precise age. The age calculator will show you your age in the following formats: year-month-age-week-day, total seconds, total minutes, total hours, total days, and total weeks.

  1.      Applications and Exams

In certain applications, especially for top sectors of the government, they require you to put your current age down to the months. The same goes for exams. Your age will determine when you’re eligible for work or school. With an age calculator, you’ll be able to get those details in just one click.

  1.      Matrimony Matches

When working with matchmakers, they usually ask you the date and time you were born. This is because they need to know your specific age to pick a suitable match. An age calculator will do exactly that for you.

  1.      Retirement Benefits

Knowing your exact age can also help you calculate for your age of retirement and benefits along with that. By using an age calculator, you can find out when the earliest time you can receive the pension. Your age calculator will be your first step to work towards a secure retirement plan.

  1.      Medical Exams

Using an age calculator will also give you an idea of how many days you’re away from a medical exam. For example, an annual pap smear exam is a recommendation for women above 35. With an age calculator, you can plan when to take your next medical exam.

  1.      Calculate Your Next Birthday

By using an age calculator, you can see how many days are left until your birthday. Having a countdown will allow you to organize your birthday celebration with a little bit more ease.

  1.      Anniversaries and Special Occasions

Instead of entering your birthday, you can substitute it with a different date such as wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, Christmas countdown, special events, and other special occasions. It works the same way and computes how many days left until that specific day.

  1.      Birthday Savings Calculator

What if you saved $20 every day? What if you invested $50 every month? Since the age calculator also breaks down your age to the days, you can compute how much money you need to save per day to reach a target. You can easily set a target age and see how much you need to set aside.


You’ll no longer need a formula or excel software to calculate your current age. Just use an age calculator, and you’ll get your age in a jiffy. So, next time you need your age calculated, just hit up the age calculator. Hope this article was able to show you the benefits of using an age calculator.


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