How To Apply Mod Makeup

How To Apply Mod Makeup Twiggy LawsonThe “mod” style of makeup is named as such because it’s an abbreviation for “modern” – ironic now that mod makeup is considered retro. Dated or no, mod has found its way into many high end fashion designer’s collections on the runway and is very applicable for a high-drama look today. Here’s a couple tips on getting the look Twiggy made famous without coming out a big pile of black eyeliner:

Step 1: The Eyelashes

Apply your favorite “omg my eyelashes are HUGE” mascara (I use the old Telescopic + Diorshow trick), let it dry, and make with the fake lashes.MAC has a lovely set of strip lashes, and individuals are cheap at the drugstore. I have a guide on making falsies happen, too.

If you want the most classic mod look, get some individual fake lashes and toss them on the bottom lid a la Twiggy in the pic above, but I would only recommend it if you are truly going full bore – they are hard to pull off without slipping into drag queen territory.

After you’re done with the falsies, grab a liquid eyeshadow that dries solid in a light aqua blue; I’d recommend Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in #41 Aqua. (Don’t be afraid of blue!) Now take a deep brown like Bare Escentuals bareMinerals crushed mineral eyeshadow in Bordeaux and dip the wet left skinny side of your eyeshadow brush in it. Make sure the entire side is a) wet and b) coated with the brown shadow. Angling the tip of the brush in towards your eye, draw a crescent-shaped line across the crease, making it slightly thicker in the middle. Make sure to get the line very rounded and draw as far in both directions as you’re comfortable going.

Let this eyeshadow completely dry before continuing with your makeup. I mean it. Don’t blink or even open your eyes. Don’t!

Step 2: The Liner

Now for the eyeliner. This is the most critical step! Use a liquid black liner like L’Oreal Telescopic Eyeliner. Pull your eyelid taut and draw a line from the inner corner of your eye all the way out to the left edge. Start the line extremely skinny at the inside corner and draw up thereafter. Feel free to go back and add more liner in the middle, mimicking Twiggy’s thick crescent shape above. Let it dry completely before opening your eyes. There is no need to line the bottom lid for this look, and in fact I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re going for “raccoon chic“.

After you’re done, get your fallback shimmery beige-white shadow (I like Maybelline Roller Color Eyeshadow in In-Line Ice) and use it generously along the browbone. Then use a white highlighter pencil like Benefit Cosmetics Mr. Frosty on the inner rim of your lower eyelid, drawing it toward the inside point of your eye. Make sure you’ve defined your brows with brow set or pencil – this look doesn’t work with wimpy brows.

Step 3: The Face

This may seem unneccessary, but it’s actually second only to the liner in making this look work. Your face makeup must appear both natural and matte to pull off the innocence of this look, so use a thin foundation like Chanel Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup and top it with a gentle yet pale powder like Ulta Mineral Pressed Powder. Spread your foundation over your lips as well; this look needs a pale lipcolor that’s probably lighter than your natural color. Top lips with a subtle light pink or clear gloss, and you’re done!

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