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How to Store Lingerie: the Best Advice to Keep Your Fine Underclothing Organized

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Sophisticated ladies know how to dress with taste and style always. This includes lingerie. Bras, garters, seamless panties, and other fine pieces of clothing are found in appreciating women’s collection. And for women that enjoy the best in life, leather lingerie by MarieMur is a must. However, storing all your expensive underwear properly is very important to keep them in optimal conditions. Here, you will learn how to do it.

There is nothing comparable to waking up to a well-organized drawer full of luxury lingerie. You can take a look at your entire collection and select the underwear for the day. So, if you do not have such a dreamlike drawer yet, it is time to make it. You just need to invest some of your time to create a nice place for your luxury women’s underwear. Just follow the steps presented below. You will learn the way to store fine lingerie bought from MarieMur.com.

 Get Rid of the Old Lingerie

The first thing that you have to do is select what pieces of lingerie you will keep. Think that you deserve to wear good lingerie only. Thus, get rid of anything that is already stained, ripped, ratty, or full of holes. With this idea in mind, throw away the following also:

  • Any set that you have not worn in at least one year;
  • Lingerie that has lost its original color;
  • Pieces of lingerie with damaged seams, elastics, or underwire;
  • Anything that you are not comfortable wearing.

Now, you are left with the lingerie that you can keep. The number of pieces that you need in your drawer is your choice. Some ladies opt for a minimalistic approach that includes just some panties and camisoles. Others prefer to have more variety including leather harness lingerie. It is up to you. If you want to replace some garments that you threw away, you can buy them from MarieMur.com. This is a website that offers a large online catalog of high end lingerie.

Now, It Is Time to Arrange and Store Your Lingerie

After having decided what to keep, you can start arranging your lingerie. If your collection is large, you may purchase a chest that will be used exclusively to store it. Otherwise, you can simply use drawer dividers. They come in different sizes and materials and can be bought in any home store.

You can organize your lingerie by color. A good piece of advice is to try to keep your lingerie sets together. This way, each morning you just grab a set and save time. Assign a section for your leather harness accessories. Also, keep a section for the most expensive garments. If you want to hang delicate lingerie, use hangers with notches to prevent straps from sliding off.

And remember the site MarieMur.com. There, you can buy handmade lingerie of the highest quality. You can benefit from their occasional sales too.

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