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How You Can Make Country Living More Luxurious

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90% of American homeowners plan to remodel their home, as stated by one Trulia survey. And, while many homeowners may renovate simply to fix what’s broken or make a well overdue upgrade to their home’s décor and style, some may also want to throw in a touch of luxury at the same time. However, for those who are currently living in the country or are planning to move to a more rural area, the idea of luxurious living might seem a bit far fetched, expensive and unattainable – but that’s certainly not the case. Here are just a few simple ideas on how you can make country living much more luxurious.

Moving to a ranch

If you’re planning on moving to the country, or an otherwise rural area, moving to a ranch is the perfect way to do so while ensuring you’ll be living large and in luxury. Ranches are perfect for those who simply want to live in a place that is ultra private and spacious at the same time — particularly when it comes to the outdoors. This makes ranch life ideal for those who don’t want to live too close to their neighbors and have to deal with installing privacy measures, and many ranches on the market reflect that combination of luxury and privacy. In fact, one ranch currently listed, Barefoot Ranch, comes with a number of features that show just how grand and luxurious ranch life can be — including a resort style swimming pool, a large barn (with the potential to house horses), and even a spring-fed creek that leads to a swimming pool/fishing hole. 

Thinking big with luxurious décor

If you aren’t planning on moving to a spacious ranch anytime soon and are already living in the country, perhaps one of the simplest ways to add a bit of luxury to your home is by making larger than life upgrades. While this can mean installing fixtures like an in-ground swimming pool, your indoor décor can also be upgraded to a more “country luxury” style as well — and it doesn’t have to be expensive or gilded in gold, either. One recommendation to achieve such a look is by simply including rustic and natural materials in your décor, along with a deep color palette for other features. This can mean using things like natural wood furniture, while also setting out complementary flowers, throw pillows/blankets, and rugs that bring deep shades of red or purple to the house. In doing so, you can easily attain a luxury feel, while still accentuating the country style.

For those wishing to live in the country, but who also want the luxurious features that are often associated with city-life, it’s important to realize that it is attainable, whether you’re looking into purchasing a country property or are simply looking at upgrading your current country home. By investing in simple luxurious upgrades or even moving to a ranch, you can easily benefit from living the country life while also enjoying luxury style

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