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Iggy Azalea’s Hair and Makeup

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Iggy-Azalea-Makeup Hair Celebrity Makeup TipsFirst things first: she’s the realest.  Iggy Azalea has us all starry-eyed for more than just her “Fancy” single with fellow musical babe Charli XCX. This girl is truly beauty with an attitude.

Let’s discuss the look first. Iggy told VH1 her quick-fix makeup tips to get ready in a jiffy (video after the jump):

  • Iggy suggests applying lip balm first before any gloss or color so it doesn’t get crackly looking. Then you should let it sit while you do the rest of your makeup.
  • Next, she applies concealer by dabbing it on just where she wants the light to hit. She makes sure to hit the undereye and browbone areas.
  • Iggy doesn’t skip eyeliner even on this low maintenance look. She likes winged eyes with pencil liner to help make up for the fact that your mug is fairly bare.
  • Miss Azalea prefers a natural lip for on-the-go looks with liner (though hers was missing for this video). It looks like she’s using MAC gloss, but she keeps it minimal and doesn’t pile it on (like I do).
  • Since your makeup can cover your moles and freckles, Iggy actually goes back over her favorite beauty marks with a pencil to make them stand out!
Iggy Azalea With No Makeup
Iggy Azalea With No Makeup (Alternate Headline: Woman Doesn’t Exist Solely For Your Viewing Pleasure)

Even when good ol’ Eye-Gee-Gee-Why isn’t looking so fancy, she makes me squeal with her swagger. When she got blasted for rocking a low-maintenance look for an early flight (pictured right), she retorted with some zinger tweets:

I don’t mind paps getting photographs of me in that state

I think it’s wrong of the world to make woman feel shot [sic] enough about themselves that they need a full beat of makeup to catch an airplane.

I’d love to see anyone look anything less than haggard in make upless pictures after a 6+ hour flight. It’s normal! F*** off! Lol!

I think I’m in girl-love.

2 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea’s Hair and Makeup

  1. No offense but um old iggy iggs lookin BEAT there girl haha omg. like I understand u are traveling but u are a celeb, step it up, u know the photogs gonna be out snappin. better have that look right or dont complain if ppl arent feelin it.

    1. Tisha,

      While I appreciate your point and your colorful vernacular, I’m of the personal belief that we women need to begin giving each other a break, particularly in the looks department. A similar case could be made for anytime one puts oneself in front of others: does that give everyone the right to bag on you? IMO, the rule is, don’t be a d**k.

      Peace, love and hair grease – Cailin

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