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K-beauty is taking. OVER. Laneige Skincare Review

Laneige Target Skincare Line Review

Did you guys see my post about how I’m obsessed with K-pop idols? Since then, my obsession has grown to everything Korean: K-drama, gochujang, and of course, K-Beauty! Seriously, Korea has got this skincare thing DOWN. Girls — and boys — take skincare like, way seriously over there, and there are many more steps in the process than the typical Western cleanse/tone/moisturize. That’s why I jumped on this Laneige skincare review. Just look at all that’s in the LANEIGE “Power of 7” K-beauty regimen:

As an American, we might think that spending seven steps on skincare is excessive and time-consuming, but just look at the skin of Korean women everywhere. Even the idol veterans who are in their 30s look like we did at 18. It’s partially an almost compulsive cultural fear of sun damage, but it’s also due to this regimen!

Wait, what’s Laneige?

I first learned about LANEIGE while binging K-drama Descendants of the Sun on Hulu (ohmigosh you have to watch it) and seeing their name pop up on the lips of female characters.

They’re a powerhouse in K-beauty, and one reason why: their patented Advanced Water ScienceTM technology which hydrates the skin from inside the cells to protect, illuminate, revitalize, cover and show immediate visible results.

And this time, you should believe the hype. Since I’ve started using the line, I feel like I wake up with my teenage skin… no, really. Remember that blissful time? Before you had to even think about what aging or dry skin looked like? You were never going to have visible pores next to looming fine lines. We just dabbed down our forehead shine and went on our way. You were TOO glowing from the inside!

While I love the whole line, there are a few standout products for me. One is the Water Sleeping Mask; this thing is like overnight skin magic. It’s an ultra-hydrating overnight mask (the Revive step) that moisturizes and retexturizes skin once weekly while you get your beauty sleep.

Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Mask review

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I swear, I woke up after using this thing with a permanent soft-focus lens directed at my face. I felt like Cinderella stretching with youthful nonchalance, while birds tied ribbons into my hair.

The other superstar is the BB Cushion. I literally squealed opening this. It’s got a squishy sponge full of tinted BB cream inside that has SPF 50! FIFTY! I told you they were serious about avoiding sun damage. This creates a dewy finish that looks youthful and covers enough while still being breathable: the perfect summer skin coverage.

Laneige BB Cushion Spf 50 Review (1)
Laneige BB Cushion Spf 50 Review (2)

Where can I buy Laneige in the US?

So do you have to live in Seoul or pay cray shipping costs to snag these fab finds? Not anymore. This line of LANEIGE products is available online and in-store exclusively at Target.

Not yet ready to commit?  Enter below to win one of 8 LANEIGE prize packs (each valued at $60) so you can try before you’re a total convert:

LANEIGE Prize Pack Giveaway
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Seriously though, I say jump right in. This is my favorite skincare line I’ve used in a long time – and I use a LOT.

What about you? Have you ever tried Kbeauty? Will you after reading this LANEIGE skincare review? Are you obsessed with K-beauty, K-drama, K-pop or just Song Joong Ki’s perfect face? Comment and tell me!

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  1. i obv love kbeauty lol i want to look just like an idol… the boys faces are so beautiful too and fyi they take there skin very serios too there. as well as not only just the girls.

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