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Keri Russell: Secret Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Keri-Russell-celebrity makeup artistI’ve got a hot Hollywood discovery for you girls: Keri Russell may be the star of The Americans and a busy mom by day, but by night she’s a top secret celebrity makeup artist!

Liz McClean, Lucky magazine stylist and budding fashion designer, held a fashion show to display pieces from her clothing line. Guess who was caught doing the models’ makeup? That’s right: Liz’s friend Keri Russell brought along her own makeup bag and went to work.

“I didn’t do too much – it was about keeping the focus on Liz’s clothes,” Keri explains. “A litle mineral powder to smooth out skin, mascara, and lip gloss, and that was it!”

Excuses, excuses… Keri’s trying to play it off, but I think she took a cue from her role as Ethan Hunt’s girlfriend in Mission: Impossible and is something of a beauty secret agent herself. Go ahead – prove me wrong!


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