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Kim Kardashian Without Makeup On

Kim Kardashian Without Any Makeup On Feature

Kim Kardashian without makeup 1We’ve all seen a billion done-up pictures of Princess Kim – but how many have you seen of Kim Kardashian with no makeup on? Aren’t you curious as to what she looks like makeup-less? I sure was.

Here’s a large collection of pics of Kim Kardashian without her full makeup, ranging from lighter more low-key makeup to no makeup at all:

Kim Kardashian no makeup onThis may be the most formidable collection of pictures of Kim Kardashian without makeup on the Internet – but trust me, it’s not coming from a place of schadenfreude. If anything, it’s based in reverence: do you know how many women would kill to look that good without makeup on?

Although really, these would be better termed “Kim Kardashian without full, crazy makeup on”. We’re so used to seeing her fully highlighted and contoured, with lashes and smoky eyes and the whole bit, that when we see a normal face from her it’s a bit of a shocker. In fact, many of them are just Kim Kardashian without concealer on.

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup 7The lesson here:

  • Wear concealer when being photographed.
  • Don’t give yourself a hard time about your looks or compare yourself to celebs – they have tons of product on.
  • Forget the haters.

What do you think of Kim with no makeup on?

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