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Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye Makeup Tips, Part Deux!

Kim-Kardashian-Makeup-Try-This-At-Home-Instagram feature

Kim-Kardashian-Makeup-Try-This-At-Home-InstagramFollowing Kim Kardashian this closely makes me feel like the paparazzi, but as long as she keeps providing such useful and coveted makeup tips, I don’t really have a choice.

I discovered recently that long ago, Kim Kardashian posted a 4-part video series on how to apply smoky eye makeup. The second video in the series offers a lot more in the way of eye makeup application tips than the first, which was more of a prep & prime video. I can’t wait to see what other celebrity makeup tips Kim has in store for us! Here are some highlights:

  • Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Steven Moleski uses a navy colored eyeshadow from MAC in the crease around Kim’s eyelid, but Kim says the smokey eye can be done in many different color combinations.
  • The bottom lashes are lined with a dark soft pencil eyeliner.
  • Steven feathers dark eyeliner into Kim’s lower lashes with one of my favorites: a Q-tip!

3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye Makeup Tips, Part Deux!

  1. I never really recognized that the makeup she usually does is a smokey eye, but I guess it is. Maybe she and Carrie Underwood can pair up and give us all some smokey eye makeup tips hahaha

  2. No offense, but she’s a hot mess. And I just found out she’s only 5’2″. Not that that’s a bad thing but just separate from the hot mess thing. Skanky.

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