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Kim Kardashian’s Eye Makeup Video Lesson Finale

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kim-kardashian-eye makeupWe’re covering Kim Kardashian’s fourth and final video in her series on how to do smoky eye makeup. I’m actually a little sad. Will this post mark the end of my Kim Kardashian stalking? I guess that depends on what other celebrity makeup tips she has to offer us in the future!

Check out Kim’s previous vids in the series:
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If you don’t feel like watching the video, I’ve covered the high points for you below:

  • Makeup artist Stephen Moleski suggests choosing false lashes with a clear base rather than a thicker one if you’re a first timer, since they’re less noticeable.
  • Stephen uses Duo Eyelash Adhesive to apply the falsies, noting that other brands are too sticky.
  • Slide the false lashes on gently, then pinch them together with your natural lashes. Check out my false eyelashes how to for more info.
  • Stephen wipes the mascara brush off once before applying, then applies to bottom lashes first. Avoid getting mascara on the fake eyelashes.
  • Kim pats on MAC lipstick in Angel lightly, then goes over with NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. “Make sure to go over your lip liner,” Kim notes.
  • Kim wears MAC blush in either the Shy Beauty or Chic shades.

2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Eye Makeup Video Lesson Finale

  1. It’s so cool that she made these. I don’t know if she would do this now though. She’s like way too important and diva-ish these days…Vogue and all that…

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