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Kim Kardashian’s Best Makeup Pics on Instagram

Dude – say what you want about Kim Kardashian (West), but her makeup is always fierce. Like, always. This is totally evidenced by her Instagram account, which is basically a gallery of her making the same face in different awesome makeup looks (mostly done by makeup artist mastermind Mario Dedivanovic [@makeupbymario]).

Check out a few recent makeup look favorites from Kim’s Instagram here (one of them that showcases a mulberry lipstick is even with Kanye West):

(Bee tee dubs – some of these pictures make it super clear that’s she’s had a lot of work done. But for some reason we stopped giving her any grief about that. Also, nice to know she uses Infinite Lash but I’m pretty confident they don’t work on the false eyelashes she’s wearing literally every day.)

No matter what, Kim is still giving her sis Kylie Jenner who’s enjoying a lucrative at-least-15-minutes a run for her stylish money.

Which Instagram makeup look do you think is Kim Kardashian’s best? Worst? (Really though, can she look bad?) I’m digging the red lip with the midriff, personally.

Also of note: that migrating hair part. It switches sides, goes down the center, pulls straight back… my haircut can’t do that. I need Kim K’s, apparently.

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Do you like Kim’s makeup looks?

2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Best Makeup Pics on Instagram”

  1. Uhmmm at LEAST nose and lips. Her nose looks totally different now and her lips look disgusting depending upon the time of day

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