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Ladies of London Beauty: Caroline Stanbury’s Makeup & Skincare

Caroline Stanbury Beauty Routine - Ladies of London

My TV show choices are pretty varied, but my biggest guilty pleasure of the moment is Ladies of London. I’m totally fascinated with the English; however modern times become, they still just seem to possess an inherent class we Yanks can’t come close to. Sometimes it’s snobbery, sometimes it’s just catfights – but it’s always fun to spend a little time in a world where people in hats attend horse races and Sandwich is a town, not a lunch.Caroline Stanbury Beauty Routine - Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury is the undisputed Regina George of Ladies of London: her beauty is unmatched, her tongue is biting, and she manages to maintain untouched class and perfection while flagrantly dissing the other women.

Caroline’s Makeup

Caroline Stanbury’s makeup routine consists of  MAC primer, Chanel foundation, NARS Laguna bronzer and YSL lip gloss and mascara.

Caroline’s Skincare

Caroline swears by the Körna Skincare line, and reportedly can’t live without her Rodial Cleanser and Body Moisturizer. La Compagnie de Provence hand cream is a staple on Mrs. Stanbury’s desk at work.

Caroline knows vitamins are important for your skin like we do,  so she makes sure to take fish oil and Vitamin D.  For skin-healthy nutrients, she likes kale and spinach salad, juices with red berries and ginseng, and green beans with everything.

Caroline Stanbury Makeup & Hair SecretsAt bedtime , Caroline rejuvenates with Rodial Cleansing Cream and Körner Skincare’s Feel Legendary Night Cream.

For professional facial and dermatologist help, Caroline has frequently visited the world-renowned Waterhouse Young clinic, and has also become hooked on the Vampire Facial by Dr. Maryam Akhavan. She loves EFMediSpa’s laser cellulite treatments and full-body scrubs.

Caroline’s Other Beauty Secrets

Caroline loves Moroccanoil for her hair,  and her signature fragrance is Armani Rose Alexandrie

Here’s what Caroline told Allure about English beauty vs. American beauty:

On the biggest difference between American and British approaches to beauty:

“I think you’re a lot more technologically advanced. I think you guys do a lot more maintenance work with machines—and I’m pro-that. We’re cream-based in the UK: Botox and beauty creams and regimes. You have amazing skin doctors here. I would fly here just to see one of your skin doctors, spend proper beauty time.”

On whether the stereotype of the low-maintenance English rose is outdated:

“100%. My mother is very old English, and she’s never had a thing done to herself in her whole life, and she looks at me and is horrified by the things I will try. I’ll heat myself up, cool myself down. I’ll shove needles wherever I can. For her birthday and Christmas, I’m always like, ‘Let me give you some Botox, Mum.’ And she’s like, ‘No, no, absolutely not.’ She believes in growing old gracefully. I believe in looking as young as possible for as long as possible. If I could freeze myself today, I would. But if you came from an old family before, you didn’t do that. Now you go a step further—the teeth should be whiter, the hair should be blonder. You should look natural in the UK. Here you can go further, and I’m for that.”

On how American her beauty routine is:

 “Even on the show, I say I’m more American than some of the Americans. I have bleached teeth, blue eyes, bleached hair. I love a bit of Botox. But my lips are completely real. My father has them; my kids have them, too.”

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2 thoughts on “Ladies of London Beauty: Caroline Stanbury’s Makeup & Skincare

  1. How perfect – thank you! I love this show and I so, so hope Bravo! brings it back for another season. Caroline is a total Queen Bee and I love it. Cheerio and jolly good!

    1. Totally agreed! Too bad I haven’t seen them return yet. Bravo seems to have dumped the classy Londoners for the awful Aussies. Thanks for reading!

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