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What type of laser treatment is right for your skin?

Not only are most skin problems treatable today, especially those associated with the natural aging process, but you may have more than just one skincare option to pick from. In fact, depending on whether you are trying to treat wrinkles, blemishes or various other skin conditions, the number of potential treatments might seem staggering. But when you compare them you should be able to find the procedure which will revitalize your skin in the most efficient way with the least risk.

How Lasers Can be Used for Skincare

If you are considering having a laser treatment then you have many choices to pick from because lasers come in a variety of forms. Most of them fall into one of two categories, which are ablative and non-ablative.

Non-ablative treatments are typically used more for general revitalization because they focus on lower skin layers and trigger healing to take place inside the body.

Ablative treatments are often used in laser resurfacing procedures, but can also involve multiple skin layer treatments. Another option is that you may qualify for a laser treatment called fractional photothermolysis (FP). If you choose to have FP treatment then many of your skin concerns may be cleared up over time because the procedure can work somewhat like a combination of ablative and non-ablative treatment by impacting all skin layers.

As you can see, laser treatments are incredibly versatile as far as skincare goes. That’s why people have used-lasers so successfully for decades to get rid of a range of skin problems. Wrinkles are the most common skin problems treated with lasers, but they can also be used to get rid of tattoos, treat sun spots, and get rid of other blemishes. Some laser treatments are also designed for general revitalization and restoration of skin cells on a large-scale basis. So, you have to select one based on your skincare goals.

Other Ways to Quickly Revitalize Your Skin

Of course, various types of laser treatments are not the only options you have available if skin revitalization is your goal. Other options which you may want to consider include using microdermabrasion to “sand” your skin or a chemical peel to “peel” away dead skin cells and other residue on your skin’s surface. Although both methods accomplish the same goal, the techniques used vary greatly. Depending on your skin type your clinician may rule you out as a candidate for one or the other. But if your clinician approves you for treatment then either microdermabrasion or a chemical peel can give you almost instant results, whereas laser treatment might take more time to show any benefits.

When You Should Think About Having Surgery for Skin Problems

Another non-laser skin treatment to consider is surgery to repair damaged skin. However, surgery is quite a large undertaking. Not only can it take a physical toll on your body, but it can also take a financial toll. You must also have skin problems which are severe enough for a skincare expert to recommend surgical intervention. Typically severe skin sags are the best skin problems to treat with surgery.

If you do require surgery to recover your skin health then you must make some preparations. Be ready to miss some work while you recover after surgery. Also, be prepared for the fact that any surgery requiring anesthesia comes with some risk factors. However, your entire surgical process will be monitored by skincare experts. So, if you do choose the surgical route, you are likely to see drastic results as soon as your recovery time is over. The exact length of the recovery time will depend on the specific surgical procedure you undergo.

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