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Lisa Rinna Admitted Regretting Juvederm Injections

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Former Dancing With The Stars contestant and possible Nip/Tuck inspiration Lisa Rinna has admitted to regretting getting Juvéderm injections in her face. Lisa told In Touch Magazine, “We all know everyone does it! We go on Jenny Craig and do all these things to change ourselves, so why can’t we get a little filler?” Key word there being a little, Lisa.

Lisa said she realized she went too far with the injections when she saw a picture of herself, “You have to be careful. I’m a perfect example of that!” To be fair, Lisa may have confused the picture with a shot of Mick Jagger.

lisa-rinna celebrity beauty Juvederm injections -at-the-art-of-elysium-s-7th-annual-heaven-gala-in-los-angelesHonestly, though, Lisa is 51 and if I look as good as she does when I’m 51, I’ll be happy. We give the ladies who’ve had obvious modification a lot of crap, but the truth is, they often look better than we ever will. The jealousy factor is huge – let’s not build ourselves up by tearing other women down. Still, in her case, it’s kinda funny, right?

3 thoughts on “Lisa Rinna Admitted Regretting Juvederm Injections

  1. She looks throwed with all those lips but really, who cares I mean it’s filler, it fades away over time so if you don’t like it I guess you can just wait for it to go away. Of course then you are left with a big saggy lip pocket Haha So not hot.

    1. You can have the filler dissolved with an injectable (I think that’s true for all hyaluronic acid based fillers). And your skin snaps back because it doesn’t really stretch it out that much, so stop being such a hater. Wait until YOU reach a certain age, I bet eventually you will end up with SOME kind of modification.

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