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L’Oreal Vive Pro Color Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Loreal Vive Pro Review Shampoo Conditioner

loreal vive pro color vive reviewWhile I adore a good bargain in cosmetic products, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to haircare. Consequently, I tend to turn up my nose at any shampoo or conditioner available at the drugstore. (If I don’t have to at least go to Trade Secret, it’s not good enough!) But I’ve enjoyed L’Oreal’s makeup and haircolor lines, so I thought I’d give their Vive Pro Color Vive line the chance to impress me.

Color Vive offers formulas for normal, damaged and highlighted hair; since I’m an ex-blonde with red color on top and a tendency toward strawlike Scarecrow strands, I opted for “damaged”. The shampoo’s scent is clean, light and reminds me of the smell hair salon shampoos have – not a bad sign! You don’t need much shampoo and the lather isn’t a gargantuan bubbly mess, so it rinses well even when followed with Color Vive Conditioner.

After using the Color Vive Conditioner, my hair was noticeably softer. It’s not at all greasy and doesn’t seem to build up in my hair. The products are both a generous size and for only $5, they’re quite a bargain.

The verdict: 8/10!

Both the Color Vive shampoo and conditioner are great finds, especially from the drugstore – I’ve used “high end” expensive products that left my hair feeling greasier and half as soft. For only five bucks, who knows? Maybe I’ll ditch my hair care snobbiness after all.

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