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And I Love You, #Honestli

Honestli App For Anonymous Opinion Sharing

I’ve heard many people say that the anonymity of the Internet gives people a platform to say whatever they want. However, with today’s world of connecting Yelps to Twitters to Facebooks and everybody and your grandma being on every social network, how anonymous are we really?

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t feel at all that I can say whatever I want online. (That’s right, you’re getting me filtered. Imagine what unfiltered sounds like!) In fact, I pause before I leave a single comment on Facebook these days – even on superficial stuff like fashion, celebs and beauty –  because I don’t want to get chewed out in a reply by my next door neighbor about Trayvon Martin, or get a cold stare + lecture at Thanksgiving dinner for having posted a pic of Kim Kardashian’s glazed donut-butt.

Honestli Fashion Critique
Get and give fashion advice on Honestli

With that in mind, some genius somewhere created Honestli. It’s a social posting app that’s all about anonymity – you create a unique username, a non-identifying picture, and post and say whatever you want.

Now I’m not the type to have many political conversations anyway, but I do like some unadulterated advice on the superficial. With Honestli, you get real. I gave a girl fashion advice today and didn’t have to censor myself and say “of course, your outfit looks great like it is…” The whole theme is, skip the BS and the judgment.

And if you want to know the real deal with your boyfriend’s passworded desktop folder or whether those loafers are actually as fierce as you thought (I say YES, girl – fashion is about being a little bit wrong), post your own question and let the world tell you without the coat o’ sugar.

So how do I avoid seeing Eric Garner when I’d rather keep it light and talk about A-line skirts? Simple. Honestli lets you filter by topic. Fantastic, because I’m not into angering myself by reading about Isis and Obama. You can also follow specific people if you find someone who seems likeminded (but you won’t know anything about them beyond their username and how they feel about

Sound up your alley? Join me (but good luck finding me!) and download the app from iTunes or the Google Play store.

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