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Makeup Contouring Tips: Slim a Wide Nose

Makeup Contouring Hide Your Wide NoseOur guide on how to highlight and contouris one of our most popular articles, so I thought I’d focus on an area a lot of ladies are self-conscious about: hiding your wide nose. I know it’s a sore area for me personally: I think that from the front my nose looks like a flattened mushroom. Not okay.

Follow these simple steps to slim down your wide nose, and thank me later.

  1. After applying your foundation, apply a highlighter like BeneFit High Beam to the top of your nose, along the bridge. Start at the tip of your nose and work upward; the tip will be brightest this way and will play down the size of the bridge.
  2. On either side of your nose, apply a darker color to contour. My favorite way to do this is with bronzer (we like BeneFit in Hoola) and a thick eyeshadow brush. Be careful not to let the color cake by the nostrils, as it won’t look very natural. In general, the coloring should be lighter in the middle (where the most light hits your face) and darker in the corners by your eyes and the areas right above your nostrils.
  3. Blend, blend, blend like a bear. Translucent finishing powder is best for this. When you’re done, you’ll have a smooth, beautiful contour. I do this daily.

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