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Taking Your Makeup Look from Day to Night

Taking Your Makeup Look from Daytime Work to Nighttime PartyIn today’s world, we girls stay busy around the clock. It’s no rare occasion that we’re asked to go straight from work or running errands to an evening on the town. But your wimpy daytime swipe of mascara isn’t going to suffice under some strobe light at Myst, is it? I don’t think so! Here are a couple of tips on quickly transitioning your daily au naturel makeup to a nighttime-appropriate look:

  • Add another coat of mascara, but only apply to the tips of your lashes. It won’t clump with your existing mascara, and it adds a quick touch of drama.
  • Apply an intense lip color. It doesn’t have to be dark red; a bright pink will do the trick. The point is to draw attention to lips, the easiest and quickest part of the face to highlight dramatically.
  • Put on a headband. They’re trendy, and pulling hair back from your face instantly gives your look a sleeker and more put-together effect.
  • Carry bobby pins that match your hair color and use them to tame stray hairs that make you look less polished.
  • Smooth on a cream blush. They’re easy to apply and give your face a healthy glow without looking cakey. I like Redpoint Blushwhip.
  • Whip out the shimmer. Use anything remotely shimmery, glittery or pearly you have in your bag, since shine screams evening.
  • Pinch your cheeks. When all else fails and you’re stuck in an impromptu social situation completely makeup-less, pinch the apples of your cheeks hard to give yourself at least a little glow. Bite your lips for some color too. Then go home and restock your bag!

One thought on “Taking Your Makeup Look from Day to Night”

  1. Great tips! Never thought that a headband would make a difference but I can totally see it now:) I might also do like a shine minimizer like Benefit’s Porefessional, since you can dab it on over makeup:)

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