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Makeup Review: Maybelline Dream Mousse Cream Blush

Makeup Review Maybelline Dream Mousse Cream Blush Milla Jovovich

Makeup Review Maybelline Dream Mousse Cream Blush Milla JovovichIt’s tough to find a great blush, and tougher to find one that looks natural on you. Fortunately, I got lucky and found one that flatters the bejeezus out of me for seven dollars!

Maybelline Dream Mousse is a long-lasting creme blush that feels soft to apply and blends seamlessly into skin with a subtle glowy finish that’s nothing but natural. It’s a great pick for beginners who still have trouble blending powder – you’d be hard-pressed to mess up blending this product.

Now don’t get too revved up yet, ladies – there are a couple of potential drawbacks. For one, it appears a little blush goes a long, LONG way. I bought mine in Pink Frosting #10, and have ended up sweeping on too-light pressed powder to correct my clown-like cheeks on more than one occasion.

Another warning: the whipped formula dries out pretty quickly, so don’t leave the lid off at all. The same goes for Maybelline’s Dream Matte foundation; I forgot to put the top back on once and came home to a tub of flaky skin-colored uselessness. Yikes!

The verdict: 8/10 – This little baby gives you the kind of glow that powder over dewy foundation only makes splotchy. Buy it at Amazon and get a healthy and affordable glow.

You’ll love it if: You want a sun-kissed au naturel look like Evangeline Lilly; you hate finishing powder
You’ll hate it if: You have very oily skin

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  1. I’ve been wanting to get this since it’s available here at Watsons but the thing is I have oily skin 🙁 Thanks for the review dear 🙂

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