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You Don’t Need All That Makeup!!! Review

You Don't Need All That Makeup ReviewI have known of Lianne Farbes for years, since my first beauty blog. We attended the same events a few times and even casually met once or twice. But like most people, much of my acquaintance with her came from my contact with her blog The Makeup Girl, where I enjoyed her conversational and relatable writing style. So when I saw that Lianne had written a book like I had, I jumped at the chance to read it. I was not disappointed!

True to her humorous, straightforward form, the book is entitled You Don’t Need All That Makeup!!! In it, Lianne delves into all the basics of her beauty routine, including skincare and more. I really connected with her mentioning the beautiful, minimalistic look of the women in Paris – I noted the same thing when I was there (along with many womens’ bathrooms that are simply closets with holes in the ground, but that’s another story). Her advice must work – in the book, Lianne reveals her true age, and I was stunned that her skin still looks so flawless!

When it comes to makeup, you know The Makeup Girl’s gonna bring the good stuff. I loved her dissertation on liquid liner, as it’s one of my can’t-live-without products but so, so many girls I talk to are afraid of it. Don’t be! Smoky eyes, bronzer, looking good with a hangover (it’s possible) and travel are a few more of the sticky situations covered. Lianne even delves quickly into hair, an area in which I always need help.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one great resource on a beauty routine from top to bottom, You Don’t Need All That Makeup!!! is a great place to start. It’s 24% off on Amazon right now – get it while it’s hot!

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