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Makeup Reviews: Anastasia Brow Pen


anastasia-brow-penLadies, I have found the impossible: a product for my eyebrows that I completely adore. Not one that I like. Not one that simply works well. No, this is a product I am wholly, deeply in love with.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the reigning queen of eyebrow grooming – what an odd title! – but they’ve surpassed even themselves with their new Brow Pen. What is it? Simply, it’s a small marker-like pen with a flexible tip that fills in your eyebrows with soft, even, natural looking color in mere seconds.

This pen is available in only one color and describes this color as a “Universal Shade”. Normally, I consider having only a single shade one step from product suicide. However, the tawny-brown looking tip delivered a flawlessly blended, natural color to my sparse, pale brows with the greatest of ease. It lasts exactly the way makeup should, too; surviving my busy work day, the brow pen’s pigment doesn’t budge until it’s splashed with water – but then it’s toast.

Since getting the Brow Pen, I literally have not gone one day without using it. I can’t look at my eyebrows anymore without longing for the perfect definition and evenness this product delivers. Anastasia Beverly Hills, I am in love. With your pen.

The verdict: 10 out of 10!

Anastasia Brow Pen – Long Wearing Brow Tint sells at Amazon for $20.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try a brow pen, but most of my friends who use them, look like they use them if you know what I mean. I love that you said this one won’t budge!

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