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Makeup Reviews: Raw Minerals Foundation

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raw_minerals_foundation reviewI’ve finally jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon: my favorite base of the moment is Raw Natural Beauty RAWMinerals Foundation and its companion, the maximum coverage foundation brush.

I got the foundation in Medium 1, and surprisingly, it matched my skin really well. I’m usually in the pale ivory whitest-of-the-white category, but not this time ( I can thank all my use of Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer for that).

Anyway, the foundation worked miracles! With the brush, I fluffed the tiniest amount onto my face, and ended with excellent results. It wasn’t cakey, and it didn’t look like I was even wearing make-up, but it covered my flaws perfectly.

Another great quality this foundation has: it really lasts! Each time I’ve used it, I didn’t have to touch up any of my makeup all day – unless I needed more lip gloss! This product definitely won me over, and impresses me more and more with every use.

I also got RAWMinerals Mineral Glow in Warm Glow, which gives the perfect amount of bronze for summer – not too much, but not too little. It’s also really easy to apply with the foundation brush. It really gave me the finished look I crave, and made my skin radiant and very healthy looking.

I also love that Raw Minerals uses all natural ingredients without sacrificing effectiveness. The products are stocked with ingredients to reduce wrinkle appearance, promote natural radiance, reduce redness, and smooth and firm skin.

The verdict: 10/10!

I am definitely satisfied with my new products, and they have certainly made it into my daily routine.

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  1. hello, I saw your post about Rawminerals Medium 1. I have used it for years, but now can not find it. Other places online hint that they don’t make it anymore. Do you mind sharing where you bought it? Thank you! I agree it is a great product and would so like to continue buying it! Thank you, Cherie Byers

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