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4 Tips For Applying Better Eyeshadow

How-To-Apply-Eyeshadow Tips and TricksEye makeup is probably the most difficult thing to master in makeup artistry, and though it may feel like the impact comes with the liner and mascara, the truth is, your eyeshadowed lids are the canvas and the basis for the lovely work of art you’re creating. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to best apply eyeshadow:

BRUSH UP: When applying eyeshadow, it is best to use a brush rather than the spongy applicator most shadows come with.  The sponge pads don’t blend well and can result in a lesser quality look. They can also absorb much more product, which wastes it in the end and when you’re paying $13 per eyeshadow, less is more!
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TAP IT OUT: Try using a tapping motion when you apply eyeshadow, rather than sliding the brush across the eyelid. Tapping the brush quickly against your lids will apply your shadow softly in layers until you build it to the intensity you want. It may take a few extra minutes, but the end result will be much, much prettier.

WETTER IS BETTER: Wet the brush for a more pigmented look with your eyeshadow if you’d really like your colors to pop. Just make sure you set it with some dry shadow in the same shade, or you could end up in a smudgy, messy nightmare.

SPLIT THE LID: Traditional eyeshadow rules say one shade for lids, one for browbone and one for crease. But if you’d like to widen and enlarge the appearance of your eyes, adding a second, slightly darker shade to the outer half of your eyelids can give your eyes flattering dimension. Try it out!

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