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Makeup Tips: Brush Your Eyebrows!

Woman With Bold Brows Brush Your Eyebrows Feature

Woman With Bold Brows Brush Your Eyebrows JPGI’m starting a new series called Makeup Tips – it’s like the short and sweet version of the typical Makeup How-tos posts. (We’re all just trying to get out the door, am I right?) Let me know if you guys like it!

Katherine Heigl Beautiful Blonde Hair ColorMakeup tip du jour: Want to look polished everyday? Do what Katherine Heigl does, according to Glamour Magazine: brush your brows out every day before leaving the house. Even if you don’t think you have terribly gnarly eyebrow hair…well, it’s probably worse than you think, and it just gives your face that extra finished look. Give it a try – brush some clear mascara over it and check out how cleaned up you look!

If you don’t have clear mascara or a brow brush, here’s the budget-girl version: take a toothbrush (not the one you use for your teeth, Pigpen!) and a tiny dab of facial serum if your eyebrows are fine (or your brother’s hair gel if your eyebrow hairs are more wiry) and brush ’em through that way. No special equipment required – though you CAN nab some clear mascara extremely cheaply at your local drugstore (this Revlon brow gel is $2!).

One thought on “Makeup Tips: Brush Your Eyebrows!

  1. Great blog! I like a full brow and all, but that girl in the top pic is seriously Groucho Marxing it up.

    I love this website, though, really – it’s one of the best beauty blogs I have ever read. Very quality writing, and that’s rare. Thank you!

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