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Makeup Tips: Get Voluminous, Perfectly Separated Lashes

Amazing Long Luxurious Voluminous Eyelashes Makeup TipsMaybe you’re the neurotic, Type-A girl that pulls at her mascara clumps. Maybe you scrub your eye area too vigorously. Maybe you, like me, have an apparently albino family history and were cursed at birth with white-blonde, invisible, thin, sparse eyelashes and brows.

Whatever the reason, almost every woman alive wants plumper, more voluminous-looking lashes. There’s a key secret to getting the plump look to your eyelashes that everyone craves. Add some powder!

After you apply your first coat of mascara, while it is still wet, apply a small amount of loose translucent powder to your eyelashes, then cover it up with a couple more coats of mascara. The powder will help make the appearance of a little bit thicker lash, making your eyes look all the better!

This lash-separating tip is old school, but it’s one I depend on daily. While mascara is still wet, grab a pin (DON’T poke yourself in the eye! is not responsible for any poked out eyes! Use at your own risk and don’t sue me!) and swipe it carefully in between lashes to separate clumps and get a beautifully defined look. The safest way is to open a safety pin (see? Safety? It’s safer ’cause it’s called safety. Yeah…), turn it so the pin point faces away from you, and scoop upward between each lash. Seriously, be very careful.

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