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Set The Date With Makeup Timestrips

Makeup TimeStrips Know When to Throw Your Makeup AwayRemember my idea for keeping track of when your makeup expires by writing the purchase date on your products with a White-Out pen? Here’s an even smarter idea.

Timestrips are useful little stickers to put on your makeup that track both time and temperature with an indicator that changes color when a product has gone kaput. Stick them on your new foundation bottle, lipstick tube, or compact and they’ll keep you informed of when your makeup has met its germy end.

Timestrips even did a super cool case study with integrating their expiry trackers into Cargo’s existing makeup containers. I hope this is indicative of future advancements – we need some more safety surrounding cosmetics, don’t you think?

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Taking Your Makeup Look from Day to Night

Taking Your Makeup Look from Daytime Work to Nighttime PartyIn today’s world, we girls stay busy around the clock. It’s no rare occasion that we’re asked to go straight from work or running errands to an evening on the town. But your wimpy daytime swipe of mascara isn’t going to suffice under some strobe light at Myst, is it? I don’t think so! Here are a couple of tips on quickly transitioning your daily au naturel makeup to a nighttime-appropriate look:

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Makeup Brush Maintenance: When Should I Clean My Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brush maintenance - when should I clean my makeup brushes?In order to keep your make-up brushes in great condition, you must take care of them. That means cleaning them correctly on a regular basis.

Make up brushes should be cleaned approximately every 2-3 months. They should be thoroughly cleansed with a brush cleaner, or you can try using a clarifying shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, you can even try using your facial cleanser, since it will be less harsh on your skin when you use them again. I like Japonesque’s Makeup Brush Cleaner. A very gentle all-natural dish soap will work too.

After cleansing, make sure to reshape the brushes immediately to avoid ruining them. Then let them air dry.

See, it isn’t that hard to keep your brushes in mint condition! Cleansing and maintaining them this way doesn’t promise that the brushes will last a lifetime, but it will definitely keep them working longer.

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29 Beautiful Ways To Use a Q-Tip

29 Beautiful Ways to Use a Q-TipAs you can probably guess from my inability to budget in the makeup department, I have a myriad of different high quality cosmetics brushes and makeup applicators from any number of illustrious brands at my disposal. However, my favorite beauty tool remains to this day the glorious Q-tip (or “cotton swab”, for you generic types).

The cotton swab provides an amazing quick fix for nearly every beauty related issue, and can be used to apply nearly any product with excellent precision. Here’s a massive list of 29 great ways to use Q-tips for all your beauty needs:

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