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Making A Salon Blowout Last

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Hairstyle Tips: Making a Salon Blowout LastThe au courant trend in prepping for a night on the town is getting your hair blown out at the salon. If you’ve never had a blowout, let me tell you, the luxurious feeling that ensues of having naturally straight, voluminous hair is a beauty addict’s favorite kind of high.

Alas, all too often do we wake up the following day with lackluster locks and blowout-withdrawal symptoms. So how can we hang on to the dreamy hair of our yesterdays? Here are a few tips for making your salon blowout last:

  • Use a coated fabric shower cap when you shower. The plastic ones can make you frizzy and sweaty.
  • Ask your stylist to use minimal product to keep hair from getting greasy.
  • Mist dry shampoo on your roots after a shower to reduce grease, a tip from celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi.
  • Skip the flat iron: it’ll kill all of your hair’s gorgeous salon body. Touch up with a blow dryer and brush instead.

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