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Men: How To Look Stylish on Your Wedding Day

It’s no secret that wearing a suit can make pretty much any man double in attractiveness, as long as his hair, stubble and skin are in good shape too. But there is sometimes a real lack of individual style in men’s tailoring. Even if you’re not usually a suit wearing kind of guy, there’s one day you can’t really avoid it — your wedding day.

It’s also no secret that the wedding day is the bride’s day. It’s her fairytale becoming reality, and she’s the princess of the tale. Her dress will be the most spectacular,her hair and makeup faultless, and the spotlight shall be set firmly on her. Unfortunately, too many style-inept grooms and groomsmen tarnish this perfection with unpolished shoes, a poorly fitted suit or scruffy hair. We thought we’d give some tips that will not only make sure you’re presentable for the big day, but also add a touch more style to your wedding attire.

A few housekeeping rules

You’re probably going to have some sort of colour scheme on the day and this will most likely dictate the colour of your suit. There are a couple of tips in here that you may have to run by your better half first i.e. suit patterns and accessories. The best advice we could possibly give you is ask the bride before you buy. No one wants to feel the wrath of a fuming wife-to-be after deciding a purple suit, pleated shirt and yellow shoes would be a good idea.

You could be wearing the best bespoke, tailor-made suit that Saville Row has to offer but if you’ve not got your grooming game up to scratch, your hard earned cash will go to waste. Make sure you’ve had a fresh cut, you’re not looking too tired from your stag-do and your facial fuzz in check. You’re then doing the rest of your outfit justice.

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Onto the suit

When it comes to choosing your suit, you want to look the sharpest out of everyone in attendance. So, if you’ve got the cash, try getting it tailored made. Failing that, go for a slim or skinny fitting number so it offers a cleaner silhouette and gives the appearance of being tailor-made. You can then start thinking about what colour you’re going for and whether you want a patterned design. A subtle check can be a great option for a more individual finish without looking too over the top.

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The Shirt

The most important thing here is that you’re colour matching properly and not pairing too many bright colours or clashing patterns. Again, don’t stray away from the colour theme of the wedding, if there is one, and keep patterns to a minimum if you’re going for a pattern. If you’ve gone for a checked suit, you want to keep the shirt plain and in a neutral colour.


The shoes

You’ve got plenty of options here but it’s probably the best opportunity to go for something with a little more personality to give you a point of difference. Monk strap shoes, penny loafers and drivers would be good options if you’re going for a more streamlined finish. Brogues, derbies and oxford shoes are more classic options but a little plainer, it comes down to personal preference but you need to make sure you’ve matched the right coloured shoes with your tailoring.

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Finishing touches

It’s the subtle finishing touches that can elevate your look. Nothing too over the top but something understated and sophisticated. Pocket squares, a classic timepiece, tie pins, lapel pins, flowers, patterned ties, top hats, jazzy socks and cufflinks are all great pieces you can add to create a point of difference. Just don’t do all at once – you’ll look like a walking talking Christmas tree!

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  1. I love that look on the guy in the feature. Now if only I could get my bf (one day fiancée!!) to dress like that… And look like that!!

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