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Dip Dye Reverse-Ombre DIY Haircolor

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If you’d asked me a month ago, I’d have said I’d never change my hair. In fact, many SD fans bemoaned the idea at all – my lion-clown mane is my signature, they said. Alas, I’m first and foremost a beauty blogger, and we all must grow and change.

So I did it all by myself, like a big girl and in the My Little Pony parlance of our times decided to do a dip dye, reverse-ombre kinda look. To clarify for those interested (and to soothe the OCD colorists out there), let’s talk about what these terms actually mean and the difference between them: Continue reading “Dip Dye Reverse-Ombre DIY Haircolor” »

Summer 2015 Beauty Trends: Let’s All Just Be Mermaids.

The big trend of the summer? Every Pinterest-ing gal has decided to become a mermaid. And really, who wouldn’t want some mer-life? Spending all day in your bikini with permanently shirtless men sounds pretty good to me.

Here are the keys to integrating mermaid fashion and beauty into your landlubber life: Continue reading “Summer 2015 Beauty Trends: Let’s All Just Be Mermaids.” »